5 Ways to Achieve Sustainability: Sustainable Fashion Brands

In present times, The term sustainable fashion is a global topic that needs to be addressed because of its increasing importance in our society. Sustainability is often the only option in order to anticipate the overuse of our natural resources and the reduction of general energy. Since Consumers worldwide are ready to enact and adopt Sustainable Fashion for ecological compatibility, the clothing brand manufacturers have started to amend the concept of ethical clothing. This is indeed a great lead to protect the environment and maintain ecological health.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

fashion sustainability

Sustainable fashion can be defined as manufacturing fashion items like clothing, shoes, and accessories taking into account the environment and its natural resources. This includes the consumption of goods in the most sustainable way ensuring efficient use of our natural resources. it is concerned with environmental assets to be protected and maintained for future generations. Sustainable fashion is a revolution in the fashion industry that brings in the responsibility to deal with environmental and ecological integrity in the production and supply of fashion products.

How Sustainable fashion can be Achieved?

1.Recycle or donate products :

We all have a pile of clothes that are torn, unfit and unwearable, for such clothes recycling is the best option or either they can be donated to someone who is needy. Very few of us knew clothes can be recycled too. Big brands like HM, Zara levi’s offer textile recycling programs which is a great lead for sustainability.

2.No wastage:

No wastage

No waste design is another concept for sustainability. It is all about using the fabric in an efficient way and in a precise manner. So that there are no extra remains. This can be the best measure to sustained resources.

3.Complete garment knitting:

It is a concept making 3D clothing that is fully knitted. In this method, the clothes are sewn with no seams saving the fabrics and also the production cost as it becomes a single-step procedure.

4.Buy for your needs and not wants:

Considering shopping purchases we often end up buying what we want and not what we need. In this whole process, we usually buy a lot of unnecessary products which later turns into rags. The simple way to avoid this is to control the urge to buy more and more and concentrating only on the necessary items.

5.Product maintenance:

Product maintenance is another way that can be used to gain sustainability. It’s up to the consumer and manufacturer to enhance the lifespan of the products. The fashion Brands should focus more on the durability of the goods while manufacturing, that would spare the further waste.

Can We afford Sustainable Fashion?

Yes, sustainable fashion can be the most affordable thing, if we make proper choices. Buying used clothes or renting out the items that we need is the best possible way to lead sustainability. Also, many popular brands are trying to keep it affordable for their customers while considering eco-fashion and ethical clothing.

Sustainable fashion Brands

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H&M Sustainable Fashion Brand

H&M is one such brand that claims to be moving towards sustainable policies. H&M is also a member of the Better Cotton Initiative and offers a recycling program to let its customers return clothes from any brand.


Zara Sustainable Fashion Brand

Zara comes under the parent company Inditex that has started a repair and reuse program named Closing the loop. Through this program, customers can drop off their used clothing to the company and they will further be recycled.



Levi’s has initiated a commitment to lead sustainable denim production which has significantly reduced the water use. By 2020. It aims to achieve the target of 80% production using the water technique.



Everlane, a brand that has just expanded its business in India claims itself to be transparent. It is considered to be one of the first ethical fashion brands.

5.Franks London:

Franks London

Franks London has a huge collection of upcycle fabrics. They have a small production unit and the brand looks forward to made to order service having the least chance to produce waste.

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