7 Quick and Easy Hair hacks to Save your Time

Life isn’t perfect, But your Hair can be using these hair hacks”

So you get up late in the morning, and the first thing you notice is your frizzy hair. In the quest to get rid of them you end up using a lot of unnecessary products. But you can’t help it since you have a busy schedule that doesn’t give you enough time to caress them. So eventually you prefer tying up this greasy frizzy hair. Well! I know that’s so relatable because I am not the only one facing it. So do not worry u all, here I am with these quick and easygoing hair hacks. Hope you will find them helpful.

Hair hack #1: 2 hair hacks for greasy hair

hair Hacks
  1. No time for washing your greasy hair, you can use baby powder on your scalp, Comb up your hair, and tada you are ready to go.

2. Also, You can use a dry shampoo. If you don’t have one, just wash the front section of your hair instead of washing all your hair.

Hair hack #2: Biotique Ebony Serum Or a Normal Serum

hair hacks

If you have dry hair. Apply the boutique ebony serum. This will smoothen your hair and trust me it works wonder. This is my personal favorite and also among my top travel essential things.

Hair hack #3: Coconut Oil

hair hacks with coconut oil

Damp your hair and apply two-three drops of coconut oil on the roots of your comb and comb it. Nothing can work better than coconut oil. It will give a smooth shine to your hair.

Hair hack #4: Styling your hair at home

hair hacks

many of us have our hair out of shape. So the easiest thing we could do is partition your hair and twist it till your ends. Do it on both sides and tie each of these in a bun, untie it after 10 minutes. Else you can use a hair tool with heat protection.

Hair hack #5: Sleep in braids

You need no extra effort to style your hair in the morning if you sleep in your braids. That’s going to save your time.

Hair hack #6: Use your mascara wand to brush up your baby hair

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Brushing up Baby hair can be so frustrating at times. But with mascara, It becomes so easy. You may take a hair gel or hairspray with the wand.

Hair hack #7: Hide your Bald scalp with eyeshadow

I am so lucky to have voluminous hair. But for the people who have this kind of hair issue can try out black/brown eyeshadow to conceal those spots. This is one of the most amazing hair hacks to try.

Alright, so I think I have shared all my hair hacks with you. I would keep updating it with more hacks. If you enjoyed reading this article you would love reading my other articles too. Check them out here.

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