9 Makeup Rules You should follow

“I believe all women in the world are pretty without makeup but with the right makeup can be pretty and powerful” – Bobby Brown

We just use Makeup To enhance our features and not to hide our flaws. The right Makeup can make us way more confident. so let’s follow these Makeup Rules to get the right kind of makeup look.

Basic Makeup Rules

1.The right way to cleanse your face 

exfoliate your skin

Always cleanse your face in the opposite direction of your facial hair that will help to remove all the dirt remains on your face.

2.The basic Makeup Rule to apply primer the right way

Always dab the primer and dont spread it over your face,this will ensure that the primer stays for long.

3.Right way to apply mascara

Basic Makeup Rules

Make sure to apply the mascara only on the outer lashes so that u can easily clean it later.

4.The before primer step

Apply rose water before primer that will avoid acne caused by primers. Or Instead, use rose water as a primer that makes your skin glowy and supple. Almost all the primers contain paraben which is not good for your skin, do avoid using it on a regular basis.

5.Select the right tone foundation

Makeup Rules

This is very much important to pick up the right shade of foundation that matches your skin tone. Nobody will ever like to watch you having two different tones one on your body and the other on your face that can turn the whole thing shabby.

6.Blush on Your Cheek Bones

Basic Makeup Rules

Applying blush on your cheekbones instead of cheeks can be more flattering as they can enhance and define your cheekbones.

7.Use a nude kajal instead of Black

Nude kajal make your eyes look bigger,brighter and beautiful.

8.Accentuate the most beautiful features of your face

If your eyes and cheekbones are more beautiful than the rest of the features enhance them more with the right makeup. The way you apply your makeup can accentuate your best features and soften the ones that are prominent.

9.Less is more

The lesser you apply makeup the more you look beautiful.

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