The 8 Biggest Fashion Trends and Timeless Classics in 2020

With changing times, there is a constant evolution in the fashion industry. But there are still some timeless classics that would never fade away in the coming years. Considering fashion trends in 2020, there are certain styles from old times that have made their endless existence and it seems we would never have enough of them.

So here’s a list of all the fashion trends and some of the timeless classics.

1. Puffy sleeves: 

Puffy Sleeves Fashion Trends
Puffy Sleeves

puffy sleeves are one of the biggest fashion styles that have made a huge comback this summer/spring 2020. Remember! those fairytales where we saw princesses wearing huge ball gowns with big puffy sleeves. How dainty and feminine they looked! indeed puffy sleeves had to come back for quiet obvious reasons and most of the fashionistas are loving it.

2. V-neckline

V-neckline Fashion trends 2020
Plunge V-neckline

V-necks are among the most alluring fashion trends of 2020. Several runaway models have ruled the plunge V-neckline and they never failed to influence the fashion millennials. V-neckline not only accentuates your collar bones but also helps create an illusion of long torso which is very captivating specifically on petite styling.



Cardigans were quite popular in the ’80s and ’90s. They had to be back after growing popularity among style bloggers. Cardigans in 2020 are mainly used to style summer/spring dresses. Either used to layer on or used as a single piece of clothing on high waisted jeans.

4. Wrap dress

Wrap Dress
Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses have certainly embarked this summer/springs fashion trends after the ’70s. They are so easy to style with no much layering needed. Flaunt your style with white shoes on a wrap dress and you are ready to head out.

5. Polka dots 

Polka Dots Fashion Trends 2020
Polka Dots

Polka dots are reappearing trends from the ’90s. and they are never going to fade away. Polka dots were the best selling pieces of Dior back in 1954.  Since then there’s no going back. Brands like HM, Zara have a huge collection of Polka dots with big and bold patterns. Runaway models have still revived the retro trends with Polka dots.

6. Flare sleeves

Flare Sleeves Fashion Trends 2020
Flare Sleeves

Well, this year has been that time when fashion enthusiasts usually would prefer styling collections that are easy to wear and would provide comforts. Flare sleeves are one such trend that is a throwback from the ’60s.  and have created a new look highlighting the dramatic and Romantic outfits which is incredibly flattering.

7. Floral prints:

Floral Spring dresses

Floral Prints were never out of trend.  In ancient times, people used real flowers to embellished their clothing. and slowly the florals started to evolve in embroidery making it a never-ending trend. It was the 1960’s when the florals started to gain momentum across the world. The year 2020 has shown up a lot of popular floral spring trends like daisies, disty’s, and also polka dots.

8. Monochromes in Neutrals 

neutral-outfit-camel-white-biege-neutrals monochrome-

Fashion stylists have started admiring the raw and natural texture of clothing. Pieces with minimal color involved are the most sophisticated and classiest types of clothing and for Monochromes, Neutrals are definitely to start of for an epic outfit. The monochromatic Fashion trends have gained huge popularity in masses because of their cohesiveness and effortless styling.

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