25 best Self-Worth Quotes to Uplift You

Self-worth is a major aspect of our life, and it controls the way in which we see ourselves. It is just characterized as the degree of significance one should give themselves. All that we consider, all the feelings we feel, and even the manner in which we act, is a result of what esteem we place on ourselves without anyone else’s consideration. It is a passionate viewpoint that decides how and what you feel about yourself. To the vast majority, self-worth possibly comes after an accomplishment. This may be possibly correct at times, but the real meaning of Self-worth is all about what gives you inner peace of mind.

Self-Worth Quotes

These Self-worth quotes would definitely help you discover and adore your true self 

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1.”Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing.”

2.”The best revenge is to have enough self-worth not to seek it.”

3.”Self-respect, self-worth and self-love, all start with self. Stop looking outside of yourself for your value.” – Rob Liano

4..“When you start seeing your worth, it’s harder to stay around people who don’t.” – Tiny Buddha.

5.” When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it.” –Mark Victor Hansen

6.”You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something great for someone.” –Jason Williams.

7.“You will never gain anyone’s approval by begging for it. When you stand confident in your own worth, respect follows.” – Mandy Hale

8.”Don’t Get Comfortable With Someone Disrespecting You.”

9.”If outside validation is your only source of nourishment, you will hunger for the rest of your life.”

10.”Give yourself enough respect to walk away from anyone who doesn’t see your worth.

11.”Live from the heart of yourself. Seek to be whole, not perfect.”

12.”Know your worth. Know the difference between what you’re getting and what you deserve.”

13.”When you realize your self worth you’ll stop giving people discounts.”

14.”Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” –Harvey Fierstein

15.”Your crown has been bought and paid for already . . . all you got to do is put it on.”

16.Don’t lower your standards for anyone or anything. Self respect is everything.

17. “Don’t you know Yet? It is your light that lights the World.” –Jalaluddin Rumi

18.”If you’re searching for that one person who will change your life…take a look in the mirror.”

19.”What a beautiful thing it is, to be able to stand tall and say, “I fell apart and I survived.”

20.”Own the ground you walk on and let no one walk all over you.”

21.”Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

22.”I am the measurer of my worth and I say, I am worthy.”

23.“Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” -LOUISE L. HAY

24.”Make yourself your role model, because people who do not have qualities depend on the qualities of others to shape their own qualities.”- Michael Bassey Johnson

25. “Most people with low self-esteem have earned it.”― George Carlin, Napalm & Silly Putty

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