Top 10 Emerging Sustainable fashion brands in India

Over the last few decades, the urge to conserve our natural resources, and protecting our environment has significantly increased. Especially the Fashion Industry has started to bring in a new revolution called Sustainable Fashion that has created awareness among we consumers about Conscious Clothing. Several high-end brands and manufacturers in India are moving towards the concept of Slow fashion and have indulged themselves in environment-friendly activities. Since the global market has a huge demand for ethical and conscious clothing, the Sustainable fashion brands in India have begun to expand their business.

The Top 10 Sustainable fashion brands in India

1. Doodlage:

Doodlage Sustainable Fashion Brands In India

Doodlage Is one of the top Sustainable fashion brands in India. Every one of their fabrics and textures is made with upcycled production waste. They claimed to recycle post consumers waste into new fabrics that are durable and well finished. The brand aims to stop the consumption of Natural resources and encourage the production of handmade textiles so as to increase employment in India.

2. Upasana

Upasana Sustainable Fashion Brands in India

An Ethical fashion brand from Auroville India, Upsana produces India’s largest sustainable fashion and has worked with several handloom weaving clusters spread across the country. The brand has initiated several projects to overcome real problems like farmer’s suicide, tsunami, and weavers losing their job. They Believe to work for a cause by providing the finest quality clothing using reprocessed and upcycled fabrics to sustain resources.

3. Ka-sha

Founded by Karishma Shahani ka-sha is a fashion brand that follows ethical standards. As a graduate from London fashion college, Karisma had explored the ways to track materials consciously. Ka-sha works on making fabrics by the artisans and workers that value sustainability.

4. No Nasties

No Nasties Sustainable fashion brand in India

No Nasties is India’s 100% certified organic and fair trade clothing brand. Almost all No Nasties clothes are made from organic textiles using natural seeds and fertilizers that they reclaim and repurpose into their own original styles. The Brand focuses on ethics transparency and works with a farmers’ co-operative to manufacture vegan and organic clothing.

5. Anokhi

Anokhi Sustainable Fashion Brands in India

Primarily Based in Jaipur, Anokhi is the leading Sustainable Brand in India. It works on reviving ethnic Rajasthani attires that are made with the use of natural dyes and hand-blocks. Anokhi appoints Rajasthani craftspersons that are skilled and professional. The designs are made -in house and then delivered to various cities.

6. In som

Insom is an end to end zero-waste brand providing an organic, and upcycled clothing made from recycled fabrics. The brand supplies Conscious designer clothing with an objective to supply Contemporary fashion using organic fabrics.

7. Chola the Label

Chola The label is a popular sustainable fashion brand in India. Initiated by Sohaya Mishra, Chola showcases the most minimal styles made up of recycled fabrics that are created out of post-consumer waste and unwanted fabrics.

8. Nool by Hand

Nool is a widely recognized clothing brand in India for its conscious fashion. The sustainable fabrics are woven on Handlooms enriched with unique designs, embroidery patterns, and various traditional prints. Based in Tamil Nadu, the brand showcases embellishments that are purely designed through fair and ethical practices.

9. Liva

Own by Aditya Birla Group, Liva is a 100% sustainable fashion Brand which designs fabrics that are completely out of biodegradable products. This brand puts a lot of thought into how and where it makes its clothes, While making the entire manufacturing process organic.

10. Fab-India

Fabindia is a Renowned Eco-fashion Brand that intends to procure Fabrics that are purely organic. The products are unique; handcrafted and sourced from a large number of skilled artisans, roughly around 15,000 in number, from rural villages across India. Mostly textile-based with a variety of natural fibers and prints.

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